Acquiring and training an Akita

Acquiring and training an Akita

if you think of buying an Akita, the following points should be observed.

– Generally you’re bound to be crazy about the Akita (no matter if you`re seen a photo, read about the breed in a book or seen one). Once bitten by the Akita virus, it`s hard to shake it off.

– You need to have a lot of love, patience and above all a stronger will than the Akita.

– Training needs to be consistent, otherwise the Akita will find it difficult to obey. For example: if the Akita isn’t allowed to jump onto the sofa then this rule should apply at all times. By sticking to the rules you make sure that you are the master and not your dog.

– You can accept that your Akita may not get on with every other dog and that he won’t accept the lead in an open field.